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Colorado and Texas - Ecam - 10-03-2017 09:20 PM

Third post, yea I break some rules...

Bought a 04 CV lx last night, E-test and DMV this morning (30 minutes total) and plates on car, title in hand. 90k Gold/tan for under 3 grand. Second time around for a Panther, got a first year aero (used) with modest miles. Was only the second year of the 281" engine. Lost compression in one cylinder and was an expensive fix at the time as there were no used engines yet. Loved the car, hated the new mod motor. Am an old school guy and still like/tune carbs.

Been a Ford guy since the early eighties, switching form the heavy Mopars. Been driving the same long bed four door diesel F350 for 14 years. Have a 29 Model A that has been in the family since '63. The original chassis/engine has given way to a repro duece chassis with a 351w, T5 and 8.8. Not on the road yet but should be finished in a year or so. Lots of other Fords in the past including two 68's and a 69 Mustang all in the garage at once.

Did some trolling for the past week or so here, doing my research for my hunt. Thanks for the great info on this forum!

RE: Colorado and Texas - msena - 10-03-2017 10:28 PM

Welcome aboard!

RE: Colorado and Texas - Westbrook - 10-03-2017 11:41 PM

Welcome, nice collection you have going!

RE: Colorado and Texas - BlackVic_P71 - 10-04-2017 12:23 PM



RE: Colorado and Texas - fairlane - 10-04-2017 08:38 PM


RE: Colorado and Texas - Coqui5 - 10-10-2017 12:05 AM

Welcome aboard!!