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New member!!!! - Broncopolanco - 05-24-2017 04:49 PM

Hi im Omar. I've owned a taxi company for over 10 years. Our cars were mainly crown vics and grand marquis. I sold the company 2 weeks ago and decided to keep one of the spare marquis I had in the yard and have some fun with it. It's a 2005 I wanna change out the exhaust system. Add some strobe lights and a new sound system. Any opinions and or suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

RE: New member!!!! - fairlane - 05-24-2017 07:48 PM


RE: New member!!!! - Westbrook - 05-24-2017 08:16 PM

Welcome! For the exhaust, it depends what you're looking for. Magnaflow has a modest note at idle and normal driving, but sounds mean like a 5.0 when you stomp on it (no drone either).

RE: New member!!!! - tobiasg1995 - 05-24-2017 08:48 PM

I vote magnaflow

Bacon cures everything [PIG FACE]

RE: New member!!!! - Greasydugan - 05-25-2017 02:18 AM

Magnaflow all the way

RE: New member!!!! - BigVin - 05-25-2017 04:39 AM

Welcome to PBB.

RE: New member!!!! - BlackVic_P71 - 05-25-2017 08:23 AM

Magnaflow, Borla and Stainless Works make cat-back systems. The Magnaflow has no crossover, Borla has an H and SW has an X.


RE: New member!!!! - Pecos Slick - 05-25-2017 08:30 AM

Welcome to the forum.

RE: New member!!!! - msena - 05-25-2017 01:25 PM

Welcome aboard!

RE: New member!!!! - Coqui5 - 05-29-2017 04:09 AM

Welcome aboard!!!