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Welcome to - The Panther Bulletin Board 

This forum is a meeting place for all owners of the Panther Platform from 1979 though 2011. 
Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis, Mercury Marauder and Lincoln Town Car
This includes all sub models Police Interceptor, P71 or CVPI, LX Sport, LX, LS, GS, Signature, Limited and more... 
You will find numerous forums providing information, others to just kick back, relax and get acquainted with other Panther owners.
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  VerdeP71 to AZP71
Posted by: AZP71 - 12-27-2017 03:40 PM
110 Views - 3 Replies

Im not actually a new member, its just the site wouldnt let me reset my password. I tried 2-3 temp passwords but it kept telling me it was incorrect info.
But anyhow, I was on here as verdep71 but now as AZP71

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  OPP P7B !
Posted by: Thunder Vic - 12-23-2017 07:19 AM
176 Views - 5 Replies

Well I picked up my 2011 all black P7B Thursday night and I can say I am extremely impressed with this car. I have a cream puff 2006 GMQ Ultimate that I bought in September to use as a winter car but the more I looked at it the less I wanted to subject it to salt since it lived out its life in North Carolina. I was so impressed with everything about it that I had to buy another, and garage the 06.

Now onto to P7B, all I can say is what an impressive, stable, tight, solid, powerful, quiet, well designed machine. My first four hours in this car were in a terrible snow storm from Toronto to Ottawa. I felt very, secure in this car.

I have a set of steel wheels and 17x9 hoops at Weldcraft for widening (Hot Rod Magazine wheel and tire upgrade project) over the winter as I believe these cars are worth the teasing and grandpa jokes I get, but I must say lucky grandma and grandpa because I am hooked Smile !


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  New to the panther
Posted by: JeffR - 12-21-2017 09:37 PM
105 Views - 3 Replies

Hi all,
After admiring for years, and having driven a Crown Vic on vacation back in the mid 80's, I finally took the plunge and bought a 2007 Grand Marquis. Traded in by an elderly woman and obviously well cared for, it has 110,000 miles and looks super inside and out. I'm a decent mechanic/troubleshooter and enjoy trying to solve most car/motorcycle (1984 HD FLTC) issues myself before taking it to the mechanic. Looking forward to learning from you all.

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  New member
Posted by: Claude - 12-19-2017 07:46 PM
162 Views - 6 Replies

Hi my name is Claude. I live in Nebraska and a drive a 2002 Mercury grand marquis ls (aka the hood rat special)

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  Not New But New Car & Been A While
Posted by: Kalel1073 - 12-12-2017 03:57 PM
166 Views - 7 Replies

I've been in and out of this forum for years and thought I'd update my membership and the new ride after sending my LX Sport to that junkyard in the sky. Violin

I'm about to get my hands on this sweet Lincoln and hoping to enjoy her as much as my last Panther.

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  Another new guy
Posted by: Poohbear63 - 11-23-2017 10:18 PM
224 Views - 8 Replies

Hello everyone. I'm from SW Oklahoma and have recently required a 2004 cvpi oreo. She had almost 150,xxx on her when I got her but she runs like a top.

Kinda funny how I came across this one,I was actually going to check on another cvpi,an 07 model with 102,xxx on the clock. I found a set of steelies with the center caps and the tires were 60%+ on two and the other two 70%+ and all he wanted was $150. Told me if the deal falls through that he has an 04 he'd sell for $1500. Go to meet this other guy and he never shows up and wouldn't answer his phone so I call the guy with the 04. King story short, I get it for $1300 with the other wheels and couldn't be happier.

Anyways,thanks for letting me join up....oh,if I can figure out how to put up a Pic, I will

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