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Welcome to - The Panther Bulletin Board 

This forum is a meeting place for all owners of the Panther Platform from 1979 though 2011. 
Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis, Mercury Marauder and Lincoln Town Car
This includes all sub models Police Interceptor, P71 or CVPI, LX Sport, LX, LS, GS, Signature, Limited and more... 
You will find numerous forums providing information, others to just kick back, relax and get acquainted with other Panther owners.
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  New Panther fan for LIFE - Dallas TX
Posted by: LandYachts - 02-10-2017 02:15 AM
679 Views - 15 Replies

Since I was 14 I really wanted a 1977-1979 T-Bird, and thought of the Lincoln of the same gen as being too stodgy and a granny car.

Later I came around to the looks of the Lincoln and all the advanced features. Finally I found a '77 two years ago and it became my daily driver. It was great and I thought I'd never find a comparable car, and I'd tried plenty new and old.

I was selling some parts I'd collected and the guy that bought drove up in a clean shiny black 3rd-gen Town Car. I was floored whenever it pulled up. I flipped. I couldn't believe I'd never noticed these cars before but at that moment I HAD to have one.

It took me three-months but I finally found a black-on-black with a black "panty lace" top. One-owner and just amazing condition. I paid $8,200 for it.

I had to have two cars with safety features like ABS and traction control, airbags especially, so I sold the Mark V and found this 2004 Grand Marquis for $3,300. It is also a one-owner, all of the paperwork in the glovebox. I'm floored by the condition and everything works like new!

I'm a Panther fan for life now. Nothing compares, new or old. The last real CAR, not just an automobile, not just a conveyor box. Yeah, you can't get a bench front seat in any car these days, enough said.

Here's some pics and I'm posting a help thread because I actually want some help with the old Town Car. Been prowling this forum for a very long time and finally decided that since I got the Marquis I kinda belong here.

Any other Dallas guys on board?

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  Newest mistake
Posted by: Count_Dongula - 02-04-2017 12:08 AM
387 Views - 11 Replies

So I've recently purchased a 1984 Mercury Grand Marquis. I paid one hundred dollars to buy it, and about 350 to get it repaired and registered. The car's fender says it is fuel injected, but there is a two-barrel carburetor where the TBI should be. I have replaced the power steering pump and box, as well as the lines. The thing works remarkably well for being a 33 year old hunk of garbage (which I am told has 650,000 miles on it), but I reckon I still have work to do. I will direct myself to the help forums, but if anybody wants to offer some advice here, I'll list what I need to do to it and see who bites:

The carburetor is still there... That needs to go.
The padding on the roof has disappeared from sun-rot. I might want that fixed
The transmission leaks, and I may opt to preemptively rebuild or replace it.
The gas pedal is loose. I suspect a loose throttle cable, as I refuse to believe anything is this lethargic and unresponsive by design.
The driver's door is loose. As is the passenger's door.
The paint is going missing. I was thinking of painting it something bright, like Mary-Kay Pink.

I'll likely bring these concerns to the help sections as I choose to address them, but I like to get a head start on things. As I need to, for this car does not like to drive in the cold, nor does it go anywhere in a hurry.

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  New member/ 1st panther
Posted by: pushrods - 02-03-2017 06:01 AM
1161 Views - 38 Replies

Stumbled across this forum on tappa talk. I picked up a used 2006 p71 that was a village official car. Had 58k on it 2277hours. And 137pages of maintenance records. I just replaced all the calipers, pads and rotors along with an s.s. brake line kit when I flushed the system and did the brakes.

Only future plans are stereo, paint (it's a flakey white car) tints and a drop with some coys 33 style wheels with trim rings in 18" or 20" haven't decided yet. Oh and a tune. [Image: edfc73e0b6f747012fe4ad5bb0ed0186.jpg][Image: 2b93f39975407bb189ddaf9b3e8129b8.jpg]
[Image: 47f68c4bf031fe5fc3ba0ba9bff789fb.jpg]

Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk

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  95 Grand marquis spark plugs
Posted by: chadmp187 - 01-26-2017 06:42 PM
197 Views - 2 Replies

Good evening. I have a new to me 95 GM. Having trouble removing the rear spark plugs. Do I need to take hoses off or is there a way to do this.

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  New Member from NE Pennsylvania
Posted by: BigMau - 01-21-2017 07:50 PM
346 Views - 12 Replies

Hello Everyone:

Long time lurker... just signed upRolleyes

Looking to purchase a "low mile" 03 Crown Vic LX. Just test drove this car today and it's a sweet ride!! Just have some questions concerns:

LCM (Light control Module) open recall??? School me on this?? does Ford and the dealers have a replacement and/or is this an easy fix??

I will be towing a small bass boat (under 1300 lbs)?? Anyone tow a boat or utility trailer with their Crown Vic???

Do the 03 Crown Vics have any know problems?? This will be my commuting car for work....

Any advise, tips or links??

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  New Member
Posted by: Byron - 01-18-2017 09:40 AM
470 Views - 11 Replies

What's going on? My name is B & I have an 2003 Marauder.

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