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Our Home!
I'm a shoot from the hip, say it like it is kinda guy so this is going to be short and sweet. This site was built to be a comfortable place for Panther owners to meet and share information, kick back and relax and by all means enjoy yourself.
I ask that you please adhere to these few rules.

No No's...............
  • Absolutely NO pornography is to be posted on this website. There is zero tolerance for this and will be subject to an immediate BAN from this website... for good... forever and no matter who you are.

  • No threats to another members life or well being will be tolerated.This is cause for an immediate BAN from this website... for good... forever and no matter who you are.

  • No pictures or material from Panther BB is to be copied and posted/displayed on other forums or on the internet unless you have consent from the author/poster. Anything posted on Panther BB is the intellectual property of the author/poster and the Panther BB forum.

  • Racism and Discrimination
  • Plain and simple... NOT tolerated.

  • This includes discrimination against religion, sexual preference etc... Subjects concerning these topics are a double edge sword and moderators have been told to take appropriate action and if a forum thread takes a turn for the worst it will be locked or deleted.

  • Conduct
  • Occasional playful banter or digs among members is normal once you get to know each other and this is fine but don't make it get to the next level where it becomes uncomfortable for the other members of the forum. There is a forum for everyone here. The "Lounge" is for play just like the "Panther Help" section is for help and information. This should be followed as a matter of respect for all members and not to cause to many interruptions. Remember, if you are disrespectful to other members, cause disruptions and outright act like a complete knucklehead... you will be treated as such and will be dealt with accordingly.

  • There is a PM "Private Message" system for your convenience and for a good reason so use it when you need to contact another member, Moderator or Admin to discuss an issue.

  • Safety First
  • Panther BB and all of it's staff are not responsible for any injury or harm coming from obtaining information from or using this forum. Working on a motor vehicle can be dangerous so use protective gear, use the right tools for the right job and take all safety precautions necessary.

  • Avatars
  • Avatar maximum file size is 300kb

  • Avatar maximum dimensions are 200 x 200 pixels

  • No pornographic or sexually oriented avatars allowed

  • Signatures
  • Maximum signature image dimensions are 750 width x 200 height. Any signature over those dimensions will be resized.

  • No pornographic, sexually explicit pictures or content.

  • Posting Images, Videos and URL Links
  • No pornographic or sexually explicit pictures, videos or links to other sites are permitted on this website. This is done out of respect for women as well as those who have children at home and I don't think I need to emphasize on this so if there is something you feel might be inappropriate then most likely... it is. Use discretion.

  • Posting linked image limit are maximum 20 images per post

  • Posting attachment image limit are also maximum 20 images per post

  • Posting videos are limited to 5 videos per post.

  • Advertising In Avatars and Signatures
  • Is strictly forbidden unless you are an authorized PBB forum sponsor or PBB staff. PBB has the right to remove a users avatar or signature at any time if it is not within our forum guidelines.

  • No Unauthorized Advertising
  • Other than PBB forum sponsors and staff, there will be no unauthorized adverting on our forum.

  • Any of the above can change at anytime, additional guidelines can be added depending on what situations arise at the time.

    Also note, we're not out looking for ways to warn or ban people but in cases of outright obnoxiousness and disruption of PBB forum activity, we reserve the right to do so.
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