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1999 Crown Vic | LX | HPP | Comfort Plus

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My (Former) Car

Repairs, Maintenance, Mods
Visual Improvements
Panther Links
About the Author

Crown Vic
Reference Tools

VIN Decoder
Door Sticker Decoder
Models & Options
Defines P71, P74, HPP, and more
Model Year Changes
Covers 1990MY - 2007MY

This Site

My Tech Articles

Speedo Gear Selection
Shock Removal/Installation
PCM Removal/Chip Installation
Brake Job
Adjusting Rear Air Suspension (98-02)
Goodyear Gatorback Part Numbers
98+ Headlight Removal tips
Battery Relocation to Trunk

Crown Vic Victoria LX Comfort Plus Handling Performance Package Webasto Sunroof Police Interceptor 281 4.6 modular RWD V8 power Ford Fomoco --this text is supposed to be black so just click the links already--
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August 2006--Model Year Changes updated, including 2007MY!

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