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Full Version: Pink and White Las Vegas Vic
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A couple of weeks ago, I was attending the local Pirate Fest that is held yearly in my town of Las Vegas.

Low and behold, what shows up???? A Pink and White!

[Image: IMG_9401_zpslvqrd4lr.jpg]

It's obviously a Breast Cancer Awareness car, but I just had to take pics! Big Grin

Viva Las Vegas! Big Grin

By the way, We ( and by we, I mean me) built a boat out of cardboard and tape and glue and paint and sailed it in the "cardboard boat" competition .

I picked the right kids (because, I am 44, and a smoker, and fat) and we won FIRST PLACE in the cardboard boat competition. Fastest cardboard boat!

Yes, it actually floated. Big Grin

Pics later when Photobucket decides to let me do things....

I think it is really nice looking.
It looks like something you would see from the old TV show Reno 911, very funny.
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