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Full Version: I think not...
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I don't even know what to say...

(04-30-2016 02:01 AM)georgeent Wrote: [ -> ]Nope.

I guess I can except this as long as it isn't legally driven on the road ,but in the deep south they run stuff like this in the mud bog parks and the fillies flock to them . In my minds eye it fills a purpose much better than say that Panther sighting that was slammed on the ground the other day . just saying !!
I could see it having a role in The walking dead series.The zombies could not block the radiator so you could run over them all day long, Just saying.LOL
^^^Very good point, or if you drive through/live in a swampy area.
Drat; you found out about the latest Murder Vic mods before I could tell you!

If it were B&W, had spots and a pushbar on it, (and maybe a few other things) I might say yes. I wouldn't own it, but that would add some cool factor to my opinion.

As it is, NO.
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