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Texas Hero
11-12-2017, 09:24 AM
Post: #21
RE: Texas Hero
(11-12-2017 01:52 AM)Westbrook Wrote:
I’m just praying that either Travis Allen or John Cox become governor in California next fall, hopefully others are starting to see the damage around us especially since the gas tax just kicked in last week. If we don’t start fixing this mess, this state is finished and I’ll be leaving before the fireworks explode.
I'm paying approx $2.50 for a gal. of gas in NW Ohio ,but prices in the grocery stores are getting pretty salty . It would cost me 1/3 more today to build my pole barn than what it cost 17 years ago .
Voter Fraud is the reason democrats win anymore . Till we get a handle on it ,things will only get worse ! My representative here in NW Ohio laughed and ridiculed me 6 years ago in a letter I sent him over Voter Fraud . I railed and campaigned against him and now he is gone . I used his letter against him because it was so damning. It felt so good . By the way he was a republcrat . Rino if you will !
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