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New Grand Marquis owner
01-09-2018, 11:22 PM
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New Grand Marquis owner
Picked up a 2001 Grand Marquis with only 72,000 miles. Only one owner. Outside of a few nicks and scratches, looks great. Swapped the factory radio/cassette for a factory radio/cd unit. Going to have the transmission checked, every once in a while, reverse is a little picky. Going to get suspension checked, i think the shocks are still original.

My 2 big issues to tackle, the drivers power window starts ok then slows as it goes down, close to finishing, it speeds up. It gets worse in colder weather. The other is occasionally when driving, the car chugs for a second and the temp light lights briefly, then goes out and car runs normally.

I love the room in the trunk. So far, I'm liking the car.
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