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New 2010 Crown Vic 4.6 turn-key engines
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04-15-2016 09:04 AM
goodgollyjosh Offline

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New 2010 Crown Vic 4.6 turn-key engines
Quantity :
Condition :
Price : USD 1,495.00 For Each
Payment : PayPal, Cash
Status :
Category : Parts
Hey guys, first time on the forum. My name is Josh, I am not a vendor. I bought some engines at an auction that my employer held. I have all legal paperwork. They are new, not remans. We bought these direct from Ford and had some left over. They are turn-key complete with harness, all accessories including AC, and serpentine belt. Selling for $1495 each plus shipping or local pick-up in San Antonio. My employer paid $3800 each for these so I think they are a really good value. One of the new motors has a used Kenne Bell 2.1 blower mounted on it along with used 8 rib belt conversion kit, and lots of extras. That engine is $2995. If interested email me at Thanks for looking.
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BigVin Offline - 04-20-2016 03:36 PM
RE: New 2010 Crown Vic 4.6 turn-key engines

Mr. Mills, what would the approximate shipping be to Staten Island , NY 10306?
I may be interested or have someone interested in the one with the KB on it.
But 2 additional questions:
Who installed the KB? and why would it be installed on a brand new engine and not be in a vehicle right now? There has to be a little back story to that.
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goodgollyjosh Offline - 04-20-2016 04:16 PM
RE: New 2010 Crown Vic 4.6 turn-key engines
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Big Vin,

Do you have access to a loading dock or forklift? It's ok if you don't but I will need to get an estimate for a truck with a lift gate. Also, please send a hard address to my email or PM me the info. It will help get me a more accurate estimate. The freight site that I use does not do rough estimates based on zip codes. To answer your question my employer was having us install this blower on new engines and then do fuel and lubricant research with the set-up in the car. Once the test was complete we re-used the blower a few times on several different engines. So, the blower was installed on a new engine at the time that the project was canceled and therefore, the engine was sold with the blower already installed. I was the technician who installed the blower. However, I decided to remove the blower to clean, inspect, and paint the manifold and I am currently reinstalling everything on the engine. I will likely have some pictures to send at the end of the week.

The motor no longer has the drive-by-wire throttle body that you see in the photo. It has an 80mm Accufab cable-driven unit. Also, installed are 1 step colder spark plugs (new), 8 pound blower pulley (6 and 7 pulleys included, you can go up to 14). It is intercooled and comes with the heat exchanger to mount behind the grille, it is new, we used a laboratory grade unit. I also have a new cold air kit for the blower which is meant to be used with a 90mm MAF (MAF not included). You will need a custom tune for this set-up or you can call and purchase the KB "off the shelf" tune but I don't recommend that one. The internals on the motor are all stock and the engine has never been disassembled, it is as-received from Ford. The blower will make as much as 500rwhp with the 14 pound pulley which is perfect because that is about the limit on the stock internals anyway (with the current 8 pound pulley about 385rwhp). However, you will need to purchase a KB boost-a-pump to increase the fuel delivery. Used 36 pound injectors are installed in the motor. As mentioned all accessories are new, the 8 rib pulley conversion set-up is used, it will also include a reman. reverse rotation alternator, since it mounts backwards. I have removed the exhaust manifolds because they were drilled and tapped for thermocouples on each port. However, I would recommend headers regardless. If you have any other questions, let me know I will be happy to answer them for you. Thanks for your interest.
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BigVin Offline - 04-20-2016 04:46 PM
RE: New 2010 Crown Vic 4.6 turn-key engines

PM sent Josh, may have someone else interested. Sounds like a much bigger budget overall is needed for the blower unit.
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goodgollyjosh Offline - 05-03-2016 05:09 PM
RE: New 2010 Crown Vic 4.6 turn-key engines

The supercharged engine is sold. Still have 2 of the stock engines left. Thanks for looking guys!
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goodgollyjosh Offline - 05-16-2016 03:42 PM
RE: New 2010 Crown Vic 4.6 turn-key engines

All engines are sold. Thanks for looking.
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BigVin Offline - 05-17-2016 05:06 AM
RE: New 2010 Crown Vic 4.6 turn-key engines

Glad you had a successful sale
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