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Panther Platform FAQ
Important FAQ
Q: What is the axle/rear differential lubricant fluid capacity for my panther?
Here is a chart with Ford Motorcraft 8.8 differential fluid specs.
Take note:
1. Fluid refill level indicated is maximum fluid level (do not overfill)
2. If (LS - Limited Slip), friction modifier is added first
3. Friction modifier increases slippage in the rear differential clutches, do not add more than the specified amount which is 4 oz or you can burn out the clutches.

Fluid Measurements
16 oz = 1 Pint
2 Pints (32 oz) = 1 Quart

Be aware, the Chart may indicate fluid level refill capacities indicated as (02) and (03) which relate to changes in Model years 2002 and prior or 2003 and newer maximum refill capacities for some models.

[Image: pbb_difffluid_capacity.gif]
Q: What is the 28 spline to 31 spline axle cutoff date?
2005 model year was the cut off for 28 to 31 spline axles.
Early 2005's had 28 spline and you can tell by the build date.
  • 12/4/2004 and prior build dates are 28 spline
  • 12/6/2004 and newer had 31 spline
  • Drivers door tag has the build date on it and if it states 12/04 then you will have to call the dealer, give them the vehicle vin # and they can verify the exact date for you.
General FAQ
Q: What is my Panthers automatic transmission fill capacity?
The fill capacities are as follows:
  • Aode 13.6 QTS
  • 4r70 and 4r75 W/E 13.9 QTS

    Transmission Fluid Type
  • All models up to 2008 use MERCON V
  • 2009-2011 use MERCON LV

    Note: For 2009-2011 *Do not use any other type of transmission fluid other than Mercon LV. If Mercon V is accidentally used in 2009+ 4R75E transmissions you may experience harsh engagements, erratic shift points/feel and pump buzz/whine.*
  • Q: What is my Panthers oil capacity?
    Engine oil capacities w/filter for 302 & 351 ci Panthers:
    1979 - 1991 (302 & 351)
  • ALL - 5.0 QTS

    Engine oil capacities w/filter for 4.6L Panthers:
    1992 - 2002 (4.6)
  • ALL (except P71) - 5.0 QTS
  • P71 - 5.5 QTS

    2003 - 2011 (4.6)
  • ALL (except P71) - 6.0 QTS
  • P71 - 6.5 QTS
  • Q: What is needed to PI an NPI engine?
    PI cams and intake
    PI cams are a 13 – 16 RWHP gain
    PI intake is a 15 -18 RWHP gain
    Swapping PI cams and a PI intake on NPI Panthers results in a 30 – 35 RWHP gain.
    Parts needed for this swap are:
  • PI intake
  • NPI intake gaskets + RTV high temp silicone sealer (the reason for this is the NPI gaskets will seal off the water ports effectively but not the intake ports fully so you need the silicone sealer for 2 spots on the intake ports)
  • OEM PI cams (year 2001+ are suggested because they are bolt on sprockets and it makes it a much easier install)
  • PI to NPI swap kit (most kits include OEM Ford thermostat seal, alternator bracket, steel heater hose beneath intake, water pump o-ring, and water pump nipple)

    PI heads on an NPI engine
    There is an extra 10 - 15 hp gain with PI heads because of the increase in compression. The NPI piston head has a smaller dish than the PI piston heads which is what leads to the higher compression with PI heads.
    The fallback to the PI head swap is that in the future if you ever decided to want forced induction, supercharger, turbo, you will not be able to safely without blowing the engine.
  • Q: What does PI and NPI engines mean?
    To begin with, a common misconception of the term "PI" is that it DOES NOT mean "Police Interceptor".
    It refers to "Power Improved" and the term "NPI" refers to Non Power Improved.

    Which year Panthers are Non Power Improved and which years are Power Improved ?
  • (ROMEO engines) 1992 thru 2000 are NPI
  • (ROMEO engines) 2001 thru 2011 are PI

    What makes a PI motor?
  • PI Cylinder heads
  • PI heater pipe(runs in valley underneath intake)
  • PI intake manifold
  • PI cams
  • dished piston heads

    PI heads have a smaller combustion chamber, here are some pictures of PI heads and NPI heads to show the differences.

    PI on the left and NPI on the right

    [Image: compare.jpg]

    Close up of the PI

    [Image: pi.jpg]

    Close up of the NPI

    [Image: npi.jpg]
  • Q: What year Crown Vic had TPMS ( Tire Pressure Monitoring System )?
    Even though the TPMS indicator lamp is present on earlier models, Ford hadn't included a Tire Pressure Monitoring System on the Crown Victoria until the 2008 model year and up. It utilizes a Band-On TPMS sensor.

    Here is a chart indicating both year and model to show when this feature was included and what style sensor was used.

    [Image: tpms_001.gif]
    Q: What are the gearing specs for the aod/aode, 4r70w, tr3650, t45, t56?
    AODE and AOD Automatic
    • 1st - 2.40
    • 2nd - 1.47
    • 3rd - 1:1
    • 4th - 0.67

    4R70W Automatic
    • 1st - 2.84
    • 2nd - 1.55
    • 3rd - 1:1
    • 4th - 0.70

    TR3650 5spd manual pre 9/2001
    • 1st - 3.38
    • 2nd - 2.00
    • 3rd - 1.32
    • 4th - 1:1
    • 5th - 0.68

    TR3650 5spd manual 9/2001 thru 2004
    • 1st - 3.38
    • 2nd - 2.00
    • 3rd - 1.32
    • 4th - 1:1
    • 5th - 0.62

    Tremec T45 5spd manual
    • 1st - 3.37
    • 2nd - 1.99
    • 3rd - 1.32
    • 4th - 1:1
    • 5th - 0.67

    Tremec T56 6spd manual 2003 - 2004
    • 1st - 2.66
    • 2nd - 1.78
    • 3rd - 1.30
    • 4th - 1:1
    • 5th - 0.84
    • 6th - 0.63

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